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If you already had VR porn experience, you will agree with me that it is the future of porn.

This simple but interesting virtual reality technology is changing the way we enjoy porn, which allows fans to get involved in the show. The VR experience takes you on a journey of great porn expedition where you become the person having fun with the girls. You’ll take control of the situation and decide how you want your dick to be sucked and the positions you want to fuck the girls. And if you crave the best VR porn, Reality Lovers is one of the VR sites around and offering porn fans the opportunity to get immersed in hardcore actions.


The goal of the site is to enable you have a firsthand VR experience with some of the hottest European porn stars in a variety of niches like blowjobs, hardcore, doggy style, lesbian, threesomes, anal and lots more.

You should expect to see gorgeous European babes like Anissa Kate, Amirah Adara, Alexis Crystal and lots of other top models from this part of the world in the models’ list. Members will have an exceptional virtual reality experience in 180⁰ 4K videos shot in POV and voyeur styles. The scenes are compatible with multiple VR devices such as Gear VR, Vive, Daydream, Oculus and PlayStation VR.

Reality Lovers now offer the latest scenes in 5K 180⁰ 3D quality with an excellent picture and binaural sound. You will find 272+ videos that offer a POV action, which puts you in the middle of the show as the main actor, as well as voyeur scenes that let you watch the actions in the room. There is a regular update of content with one new video added to the collection every week. It is a stream-only site, but you can get download access if you are ready to pay additional bucks. Some of the scenes come with interesting storylines, as well as parody scenes such as Sin City and the Horizon Dawn Zero.

The site is easy to browse through basically because of its simple user-interface and many features such as tags, categories, sorting options and basic search engine. Whether on your PC or smartphone, you will have an excellent browsing experience, which includes searching for your favorite porn star and porn categories without stress. You’ll find the latest and the best recent videos on the homepage and explore the girls by checking the models’ index where a good number of gorgeous European babes are waiting for you. Each girl has bios attached to her profile and links to Twitter page where you can follow her.

As virtual reality porn continues to gain so much popularity in the adult entertainment world, Reality Lovers ensure you get the best experience ever by having sex with some of the most sought European porn stars. They offer high quality VR scenes that you can enjoy with different types of VR devices, including any smartphone with VR headset. The videos are exclusive and there are a good number of them at the moment. However, the collection is expected to get bigger with the weekly updates of the site.

YouPorn Premium

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YouPorn was the first free porn site to be launched on the internet and this came in 2006.

For the past few years, some other free porn websites have been launched notably PornHub and RedTube – sites created by the same people. These sites are known to offer a massive collection of free porn featuring some of the hottest pornstars in the world. However, free porn is totally free just as the name suggests and comes with limited offers. Meanwhile, you can enjoy high quality porn that will add great value by subscribing to YouPorn Premium.


This site has all kinds of porn you like the most and featuring the most famous girls in the industry

The price is very decent and this comes with thousands of HD and full HD videos while multiple ones are added every day. You can also be assured that all your fantasies would be fulfilled as a result of an endless list of porn categories available for every member. In addition to high quality movies and top names in adult industry making exceptional performances, all the scenes are shot in full length and without ads and pop-ups.

You are going to enjoy a massive collection of porn scenes and DVDs from famous studios like Digital Playground, Team Skeet, Kink, Brazzers, Teen Mega World and Fake Hub, all packed in one place for your viewing pleasure. Are you a fan of hardcore or softcore and want to see the best of world-class pornstars showing off their skills? YouPorn Premium has everything you want and this includes featuring teens, MILFs, ebony, brunettes, blondes, Latinas and Asians. You will get every possible porn niche that includes straight hardcore, DP, lesbian, anal, gangbang, reality porn, interracial, blowjobs, Trans porn and VR porn.

When you subscribe to this site today, you’ll get more than 50,000 premium videos and 15,000 DVDs to stream in flash players. The videos can also be downloaded in MP4s files. Some of the videos have low quality resolutions, but they still look good and enjoyable. Your membership also gets an access to RedTube Premium and PornHub Premium. Loads of full HD and HD exclusive videos are added to the collection every day, all featuring the most popular girls in the adult entertainment world. Though the design is the same as its free tube platform but you are going to see an advanced and well arranged members’ area.

Despite the huge collection of videos, the site is still easy to navigate thanks to many browsing tools. There are user features like sorting options, tags and keyword search to find everything you want without wasting much time. You may have some problem with the pagination because it only allows you to skip five pages, but the overall performance of the site is good. Some of the other interesting user interactive tools include the ability to skip to any part of a scene, save videos in favorite menu and leave comments. Here is a site for anyone looking for the best porn scenes produced by famous porn companies that are put together in one place for an easy access.

Black GFs

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Well firstly, the one thing that Black GFs pornsite is going to be having is lots of the homemade style of movies!

These movies are the sort of films shot by new amateur directors, or by the submitters themselves, and they are obviously quite fun to watch. These movies have certain characteristics. They can come in POV styles, can be shaky, can have close-ups, and are of quality because quality 1080p cameras are now cheaper to get so everyone can film easily! Anyway, this pornsite celebrates the black girlfriend and the sex that they bring.


Ebony girls here are fully into anal, bjs, pussy, masturbation, lesbian, and any other sort of xxx teasing that result in many people cumming a lot!

You can call the ladies here teens, but everything is of legal age and consent, so, 18+ year olds only. The girlfriends can be older 24 year olds or thereabout. Sometimes, the ladies are doing all these sexy stuff to please their lovers and boyfriends who go ahead and upload the materials inside this pornsite. Maybe the girl knew this would happen, maybe not, either way, we do not care because we get to see it all inside one site, this site!

Back inside the Black Gfs pornsite, things heat up, move and flow, once previewing starts happening. Now we will say this and get it out of the way – they have ebony pornstars inside this site. Yes, some of the girlfriends in this place are known porn models, but it doesn’t matter so much as long as the babes fuck hardcore style for you inside this pornsite, right? We sure do Hope so. In the previews, you can see many school uniforms, coeds, school bus, dorms, and other places the ebony girlfriends are found fucking or doing sexual things. In the site, you will find erotica, nudity, semi naked, and full on hardcore niches. Scenes of creampies, bjs, anal, groups and parties, games, drunken madness, etc. You can change the size of the preview thumbs, and you have simple menu options of videos, girls, and sites. You can count on having HD resolution.

Also, anticipate that you will have SD resolution, and others format between these 2 polar opposites. You may find scenes of amateurish quality in production, but normally, videos are good. From the gf leaks network you will get more girlfriends because taking this deal means you have bonus content from this network (and its various pornsites.) In the pornsite are features that are used to save favorites, rate, and comment. These sorting options work fine as the site grows its amounts from hundreds to even more hundreds of films. The pornsite limits the daily downloads you can do to 10 GB. They have links to live cams. You can find more settings to customize how you get notifications and how you see content on this site.

The young black foxy naughty sexual females inside Black GFs website do many hardcore genres so you will not be bored. Movies also come with descriptions. They list the models and the number of films she has been in. Look this pornsite is going to be here for a long time to entertain you if you are looking for ebony girlfriends involved in hardcore, and if you like variety of niches and young teen bodies to ogle at – (The bonus content deal makes this proposition even more undeniably perfect for you!)

Cum Eating Cuckolds

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What’s It Going To Be From Cum Eating Cuckolds?

The website named ‘Cum Eating Cuckolds’ is bringing hot sexual problems to cuckold males looking for some xxx problems! In this pornsite are men said to be lovers, friends, husbands, or boyfriends who have special cravings. And in this pornsite, it’s not only the needs of cuckolds that’s being looked after, but also needs of the sexual wives/pornstars, and the dominant males. The domination of the bigger cocked males is evident from all the movies in this place.


The submissive ‘cuck’ (as they are nicknamed) is bowing down to the pressure of their own desires, and that of dominate black male cocks. It helps that the females are also domineering over the submissive dude.

Under this kind of pressure and sexual scrutiny, the cucks crack; it’s painlessly easy to see how the submissive are treated to cuckold fetishes that include licking up jizz, licking pussy, watching, sucking on shaft, and being pegged sexually by the females. Sometimes, indirect participation happens, this is when the dominated sissy dudes are just made to watch the pleasure of how a real dick penetrates deep inside the soaked wet vaginas of their wives/girlfriends. And sometimes the videos are of babes talking to the sissy cuckold in sexual humiliating manner as they masturbate and discuss explicit things.

Forced-bi-cuckolding videos in this pornsite are in the hundreds, because the place has made updates since 2008 so that’s 10 years worth of content! They also have hundreds and hundreds of pictures cause videos come with picture albums. And they have several pics in each album. In these albums, you find digital imagery in zip files for convenience in downloading. Or if you need free-hands to uhm… you can use the slideshow feature to see the pics scroll by. Usually, averagely, the film is thirty minutes. Most of all the recently added updates in the last years have been in 720p and 1080p resolutions. Also, these recent updates have been coming in at phenomenal 4K UHD resolution, a far bigger resolution superiority than even 1080p full screen HD. You get mobile ready films; layout of the site is simple on mobile devices or the pc.

Cum Eating Cuckolds has mp4 files. They have a forum place for conversation to take place amongst people. They also have cuckold fantasy fictional based, and these stories are highly engrossing. In the website are several other reasons to be glad for joining. You have the section of scenes and models. As said earlier, many of the models you see, the females, they are pornstars you may know, some you do not. Films also have description on them. You find comments and you can add favorite scenes or rate stuff.

If the website had many tags/categories to link in the videos for even better searching that would have been lovely, but nope! You also have large amounts of indexed pages, but only can skip 10 at time, so there’s lots of clicking if you’re to finish it all. Nevertheless, these are minor problems of navigation and not too infuriating for most people. The models – they can be from ages of milfy years to younger teens, depending on the scene. Cum Eating Cuckolds may not have videos for some types of people, but for the fetish of cuckold hardcore, they have all that you need to watch. This deal is very much approved; you need to check them out.


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Your nagging craving for the perfect kind of porn is always going to be an issue until you visit the site Wow Girls.

You’ll find that the people complimenting how this pornsite makes porn, finds females, and makes niches that include boy-girl and girl-girl, are actually in love with this big collection of videos and pictures. The ladies are mostly arousing since they have this European kind of vibe and body sizes. It means first of all most of the models are in the 18-30 age limits. It means bodies are between nimble nubile developing, to more rounded figures. It also mean you’ll sample some fine looking blondes, brunettes, redheads, and other females with different sets of eye color and looks.


No one can say that this parade of females is boring because they look angel-like when they are fucking on camera.

In fact, it’s more of like, the females are fully emotional, and aware of the sexuality they have. Therefore, when they are in the throes of sex, they experience real orgasms. They get sloppy wet. They enjoy blowjobs and love it when being sucked on by the dudes. It all appeals to the delicate sensibilities of people who prefer watching authentic instead of the forced organic hardcore. Having said such, you will find rimming, anal, threesomes couples foursomes, shaved\non-shaved pussy, dp, deep throat, pov, outside sex, stockings, cim, orgy, squirting, and more. Do not think that this place will not be looking to do full xxx scenes because that’s their bread and butter.

WowGirls updates on the regular because they are now in the 800+ level when it comes to the films quantity. They have 25-30 minute films that are delicious because they take long enough to fully arouse you, as you play with films systematic. There’s a production continuity of exclusive videos. The picture albums are like twice the amount of video updates, and if you consider every single picture, you will be doing numbers in the several hundreds of thousands! They should have more than 600 models. They do have a unique style of presentation of the website. The site has your normal menu and features like newsletter option for you to find out more information.

And films start at qualities of 480p to 1080p and 4K resolution. This massive resolution is quality beyond compare because it’s just below the 3D Virtual Reality videos, and no other quality, even 1080p full screen, can compare! Because of this quality, the female and sex jumps alive at you from the screen to affect your nerves and feelings in a sexual way! You’ll appreciate the kind of platform for the site that drives the searching and watching of movies in the most streamlined manner doable. It’s delightful that they also make sure bonus content is available; the content is from ridiculously fabulous pornsites that come with more variety of sex and models.

This deal also opens up videos for mobile device users; so that’s porn on the go! The online player streams like a professional player should. And even the dimensions of the sizes for pictures can be exceptional at times, with pics in 6000by4000 pixel res or lager! There are many positively incredible layers to the deal that WowGirls pornsite proposes, and so you need to get in there and start peeling and enjoying!

Asshole Fever

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You shouldn’t wait any longer before joining Asshole Fever if you are a die-hard fan of anal sex.

This site has an exceptional collection of butt fuck scenes in which girls are having hard time dealing with sharp thrust of cock in their bum. They are beautiful European girls who love to get fucked from the back door and enjoying every bit of the action. It is steamy hot as these hotties get penetrated from behind, while you are going to hear them moaning and groaning loudly in Full 1080p HD scenes.


This is a site in the 21 Sextury Network covering 21 exclusive sites that are offered to members altogether as a bonus.

They have a lot to offer their loyal members and the site is updated quite often. You will find this site very alluring to watch hot girls like Alexis Crystal, Liza Billberry and Tina Kay in breathtaking anal sex with well-hung men. There are hundreds of high quality videos currently available to fulfill your ass fuck fantasy while fresh ones are added every week.

Girls on Asshole Fever have the desire to get their anus stretched, penetrated and fucked by big cock and they seemingly appear to love it. The men are also not afraid to deal vigorously with these round asses and there are double anal penetration scenes as well. Not only that, there are some interracial settings where black guys are captured drilling the bum of white teen chicks.

The site has a simple design and user-friendly features that are very helpful in moving around the content with ease. In addition to several sorting options available to find specific scenes, such as most viewed, top rated and upcoming videos, you can as well save videos in favorites. The basic search will help you to narrow down your search and the site works without any technical issue even on mobile devices. The Mistress And Her Prey, Served My Time and Rebecca Getting Ass-Banged are among the most recent updates you don’t have to miss.

These videos and archives feature some of the hottest European porn stars who can fuck in every hole. The content is exclusively offered to members to make their anal fantasy come alive and they will also enjoy unlimited access to download. There is a limited trial to feel the high quality anal porn this site has for its fans, while a full subscription is offered at a reduced price. Right now, Asshole Fever has 730+ full length scenes for their members to enjoy in full HD quality. The videos are shot in approximately 20 minutes each and can be downloaded in multiple viewing resolutions or streamed in embedded flash.

Club Seventeen

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Amazing Legal 18+ Porn

Club Seventeen is a fantastic teen porn site that has been online since the mid-’70s. The site has made numerous advancements in matters of porn production. Featuring 18+ babes of different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, plenty of sexy antics are exhibited here. Group sex, lesbian action, masturbation, and self-solo play are part of the sensualities brought on this site.


All Kinky and Dolled Up for Fun

There are multiple channels under this site that deliver content in various niches. Some of the channels include Anal Teens, Busty Teens, Schoolgirls Holiday and Young Lesbian Lovers. Each of these channels sticks to their theme, and they can be browsed independently. All these channels make the site’s archive to hold more than 4000 videos and more than 7000 picture sets. The site gets updated daily, hence maintaining the pace of its growth. More than 3117 models have been featured on this site; hence there is much to be expected. Only $27.95 is required for monthly access to the site.

Well-crafted content gets updated on this site. Much progress has been made in matters of quality, and since 2012, video clips have been shot in full HD hitting a resolution of 1080p. The movies can be streamed online and also downloaded. There are multiple downloading options, for instance, you can download them under resolutions of 1080p, 720p, and 540p. Photo sets also appear in high resolutions of 4000×2667. The pictures never blur even when opened on full screen. They can be viewed online and also downloaded as zip files.

Browsing tools have been enhanced to enable the user to browse with ease. You can search the content you’d love to view by niche. Content can be filtered by the date when it was updated, either the latest or the oldest scenes. The user can add content to their favorites list and also rate what they have viewed. Sharing of opinions about the site is also enabled by the comments section on the page. The model section gives more information on the models, their descriptions and the scenes in which they have been featured.

There is much in the Club Seventeen. The legal teen porn is factor that will leave you always yearning to browse through the site. There are bonus sites that come through a third party website. There are also live cams under which you ought to incur extra costs for any private chats. For high-quality stuff together with high-level teen eroticism and sensuality, Club Seventeen is worth the subscription price.

Viv Thomas

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Famed Erotic Artist is Back

Viv Thomas is a site that was created in the year 2000 by Viv Thomas, a professional erotic photographer, and videographer. Action on this site is majorly masturbation and lesbian sex. These sensual acts come along with lots of kissing, fingering, pussy licking, use of sex toys and multiple orgasms. Models on this site are the remarkable, exceptional talents with generous talents to keep you glued to your screens. Lorena Garcia, Nella A, Ana Rose, and Sophie Moon are part of this great site. All these wild models do all the naughty things in front of the cameras in the vast sexual extravaganza.


Many Media Options to Choose From

Browsing through the site leads you to more than 1500 photo sets and almost 1400 videos. The site works all by itself, and this content is fully directed by the legendary Viv Thomas. There are daily updates made on this site, either a video or some photo sets. More than 904 glamorous models have been featured here, making the site to grow in matters of content production consistently. Access to this site requires a subscription of only $19.99 per month for full-time browsing.

Viv and his crew of highly skilled personnel shoot gorgeous stuff. Only high-quality content is posted on the site. They produce 4K HD videos that can be streamed online as well as be downloaded. The playback quality is not any different from the original. Photo sets are also of high quality hitting a resolution of 1080p. These pictures can be viewed online and also saved as zip files. The images are large enough, and they can open on full screen without blurring.

Navigating through the site is no longer an uphill task. Some features enable users to find whatever they are looking for smoothly. The search box allows one to reach for content quickly. The model index provides short descriptions of the models and the scenes in which they are featured. The many sorting options assist in getting your best selections ahead of any other content. The user can add content to their favorites list, rate and also leave views on the comment box.

With the high level of craftsmanship employed here, this site proves to be the best on what it offers. The significant amount of content is worth a subscription. Although there are no bonus sites, you can get links that lead you to the other relevant sites at a subsidized cost. Connoisseurs will always have something to interest them on this site.


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HQ Porn with the Top Porn Stars

VixenX has compiled high quality hardcore porn performed by gorgeous porn stars, amateurs and newcomers in adult movie industry. Here is a classic porn website with multiple appearances of top porn stars in various categories of hot hard content. Really, the girls are hot and the actions is outstanding – it is a site that has all you desire in porn while the design is well done to make it easier for users to find their way round… There are lots of good stuffs to benefit when you sign up with this platform and a bonus to browse content on site like Property Sex. But let’s find out the other reasons why you need to be on this site, especially if you a fan of quality.


Get Access to Amateurs and Pornstars Now

Asides featuring well-known porn stars and lesser known girls, here has refreshing porn actions made in full 1080p HD. Most of the actions produced by Vixen X are mostly captured in straight guy/girls sex but you will still come across some threesomes, lesbians and fetishes. And while this is a site that makes producing high value content its priority, it continues to invest heavily in acquiring the best materials to create porn videos with excellent lighting, well edited and high-performance website.

The videos are super clear and crisp, making you sees every action as it happens and you will love the navigation which makes browsing so easy. This site looks for hot European babes to produce deep throat blowjob and hot hard fuck with some solo masturbation in which the girls use machine dildo to screw their tight pussies.

These guys are operating a decent porn site worth of checking out and you won’t regret doing that. Once you join this site you will automatically get access to download and stream 150+ full length videos in MP4 files and Flash Media Playback. You won’t miss any update and some of the content is exclusively offered to members. The site has a nice tour page with advanced features. For example, users can sort content by latest, popular, most viewed and top rated. Members will also have the opportunity to leave comments, save favorite scenes and rate any scene of their interest. Each scene has a photo set in which hundreds of hi-res pictures have been added and which you can download in Zip Files.

Certainly, VixenX is a hot site currently creating a sensation in this industry. It a site good enough for those interested in watching hell of hard fucks as well as for those who believe in quality. They produce amazing straight sex showing couples to reality sex and a threesome setting with two stud guys banging same girl or a guy sharing his dick with two hot babes at the same time.

Anal Acrobats

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It delivers on the Title.

Anal Acrobats is a well organized porn website doing mainly anal sex. It is a unique site focusing on unique theme – it has hot girls who love to get fucked through the asshole. Here is the best place for anyone that has anything to do with ass-fuck and for those who cherish high quality content. The packages are mouthwatering and you are going to get the best of anal fuck like it has never been done before. From double anal penetration to ass-to-mouth, this site has you covered with plenty of mind-blowing actions carefully packed in over 550 full length movies made in the highest quality. So many good stuffs have been put aside to give each member the best porn entertainment ever and some of the deals are too good to be missed.


HD Destruction!

First, Anal Acrobats has most beautiful and playful girls in its models’ selection and these are girls who really love to have their assholes drilled by huge cork. Moreover, they produced all the movies in full HD and the photo in high resolution. But if you’re not impressed by these afore-mentioned qualities made by this site probably because most sites now do the same, what about getting access to 46 other hot sites doing various niches – I bet you can’t afford to miss that.

With the chance to browse content of large numbers of sites with your single membership, there is a great tendency that you will get whatever niche you want in porn and see any of your favorite porn stars in action. Among the top girls featuring in anal porn scenes shot by the site include Francesca Le, Grazy Almeida, Phoenix Marie and Cherry Torn. The fantasies are categorized into Gaping, Riming, Lesbian and Huge Toys – however, you’ll get other categories from bonus sites and these include amateur, Asian, blowjob, black, big dick, bisexual, hairy, titty fuck, and so on. Maybe you should know that Anal Acrobats comes from one of the best porn directors of this era in the person of Jay Sin.

This is a guy known for his experience in getting the hottest babes in the world to produce high-end hardcore sex. Here, he is at it his best again – recruiting wild girls who never get enough of hard fuck even if it is from the butt.

You will start to enjoy this site almost immediate you land on its homepage due to its simplicity and perfectly arranged lay-outs. The page contains latest episodes, most viewed and upcoming movies. The site updated daily and all the content is exclusive. The scenes as well as the pictures can be downloaded without restriction while more items are expected to be added to the content.