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Fake Agent UK is a fake models recruitment agency that tricks girls into getting naked, sucking dicks and getting fucked through the ass and pussy in order to get a job in the adult modeling industry. The agency is based in London and is owned by a UK guy who has fucked so many unsuspecting job hunters by now.


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You are introduced to the agent in a simple office with a desk, a couch and a HD camera. Gorgeous UK girls start trickling in one after the other, they are undressed, asked to suck the interviewer’s cock and banged in all positions before hot cumshots are deposited in their mouths or on their faces. I also saw an instance where two girls were asked to have lesbian sex before the interviewer joined them for a serious threesome sex. The agency is a fake but the action is genuinely entertaining. The amateur girls that come for the interview are also very sexy and will particularly fascinate all those guys who love British girls.

The site updates on a weekly basis and has a lot in their library so far. The 228 movies are long and will definitely keep you engaged for quite a while. There are no photos on offer here which is understandable for casting sites. You can stream the movies at the site and you can also download them to your machine if you like. There is a download limit though so you can only download a few of them per day. You are promised a full HD option for most of their videos so you can rest assured that quality won’t be an issue here.

In terms of the design, the site is simplistic and the movies are provided in index pages that you can browse one after the other or jump to the last page and start from there. Otherwise, getting to the middle pages is a bit of a hassle for now since you have to click through the pages one after the other. There are interactive features though where you are allowed to drop comments and leave ratings if you want.

This is definitely a site that lovers of British amateur girls should be interested in. The Fake Agent UK girls are naturally beautiful and they undress, masturbate for the interviewer, suck his dick and fuck him hard hoping to land a job. The action is hot and very entertaining and it will definitely keep you laughing and cumming at the same time.