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Fellucia Blow website has movies that force you to take a big breath in as you watch the artful blowjobs happen in well-shot videos. There are blowjobs\fellatio videos out there in the market that are sloppy, not erotic, and just don’t give you that experience thrill like these videos here will. It’s because of the filming techniques, and the lack of real erotica themes to the blowjobs that makes these said videos not worth your time. But every video from this place is worth your time. If you take one-year membership deal, you’ll be paying less than 9 dollars monthly; for monthly deal it’s less than 30 dollars; while 3 months recurring is less than 60 dollars.


Music and Porn working in Harmony Here

Whichever value you see you can fit yourself in, you’ll be able to pay easily, sign up, begin watching. The arousing parts of the fellatio the dicks here get come from the ladies! The females are looking gorgeous in lingerie, half-naked, naked, and they suck with sensual power with their mouths. The normal structure of the films is the ladies taking the cock into their mouth, then working the shaft up and down, around the head, lick and tease, up until there is the emission of big loads of cumshots. Some might call the whole thing predictive. But the videos here make a good case and account for themselves so you’ll have to watch them and make your own decision.

The videos come with musical overlays. The type of songs that you hear in erotica videos and softcore porno. Some consider the music an ill fit for the videos and that they should consider lowering the volume and letting the sounds of the blowjobs come out more vigorously. Anyway, they haven’t changed this fact so it seems that they are comfortable with the way things are. The biggest thing to discuss is the amount of videos that are in there for now. They haven’t done many videos for sure, something that is disturbing but a redeeming fact you must know is the bonus websites that you receive. It’s a lot of websites, some say that its 50 plus websites.

What they say is that you get 4 network (Porn Showcase\ Porn Nerd Network\ Aggressive Network\ Eleganxia Network). This opens up access to literally everything in mainstream fetish play, European hardcore, and all kinds of teens and milfs. These networks contain things form the latest to the olden classics, and you’ll be spending many hours shuffling through the videos here. The schedule of updating for the fellatio website is very frustrating and puzzling, since they take so damn ling to add new videos.

They can take more than a month, and at one point, it seemed like they had stopped all together. They don’t have pictures. They say that the videos are HD, but there’s no more technical information on that. Is the website small, flawed in some aspects, yes they are! But the massive deal on the bonus networks makes sense, so joining Fellucia Blow can make sense too!