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Origins from 1965 is much older than many porn viewers of today but as they say, old is gold. The adult entertainment company started back in the year 1965 as an adult magazine courtesy of one Bob Guccione, citizen of Great Britain. Back in the days, it used to supply nude pictures of the most gorgeous women of the time as well as adult literature that would keep the readers blood racing fast. Later on, with the coming of the internet era, the company set up this site as a one stop shop for all their magazine materials as well as new porn productions. Things have changed a lot throughout the years and the site has become more oriented towards hardcore sex movies production. You still get to read their magazine issues and look at gorgeous pets but there is much more to enjoy these days.


Over 900 Quality Videos

Currently, their archive contains at least 910 videos. Many of the episodes are as long as 90 minutes so members will need to set aside enough time if at all they want to go through many of their productions, given that the site also update on a daily basis with multiple updates most of the time. Even though the site seems to be focusing more on hardcore movies these days, the pictures still outnumber the videos by far since there are over 3,200 photo galleries and each the galleries have about 40 images or so.

Browsing the site is as easy as it can get. The layout is very intuitive and there is a search engine for finding specific stuffs. Sorting can be done by dates, ratings or popularity of the scenes. You can also browse various categories which include HD, Brunette, Blonde, Blow job, live chats, Behind the Scenes, Lesbian, and Striptease and so on. There is also a section for the most popular pornstars as well as well as the latest pets. With menus and search engines placed in strategic locations across the site, navigation shouldn’t be an issue here.

As for the quality, expect movies with resolutions of 480p to 720p in the various format options including WMVs, MPEG as well as iPod/PSP formats form mobile devices. Pictures are also varied in sizes and can be viewed in customizable slideshows or downloaded in different resolution sizes the best displaying at 4000×2667 pixels.

Penthouse is a legend and it has the best pictures and hardcore movies of the sweetest pornstars that ever walked on planet earth since 1973. So, if you have $24.95 dollars in your entertainment budget, don’t hesitate to grab your pass at